Columnar Trees

Most home owners have limited space in their yards, so it becomes important to choose plants that will fit into the yard.  Columnar trees are a great way to add height to a garden space without dealing with a wide spreading canopy.  They are ideal for windblocks, privacy screens, sound barriers, where space in limited.  They are narrow trees that have an overall spread of less than 15 feet.

Blue Grass recommends trying Blue Arrow Juniper, Cologreen Juniper, Columnar Blue Spruce, Columnar Norway Spruce, Columnar Mugo Pine, Columnar Scots Pine, Courageous Crabapple, Dakota Pinnacle Birch, Emerald Spire Crabapple, Gladiator Crabapple, Golden Sentinel Apple, Goldspur Amur Cherry, Green Penguin Scotch Pine, Guardian Columnar Aspen, Hicks Yew, Lone Star Linden, Luxor Pyramidal Mountain Ash, Medora Juniper, Ming Amur Cherry, Montrose Charm White Spruce, Moonglow Juniper, Mountain Pine, Navigator Flowering Pear, Prairie Sentinel Hackberry, Prairie Skyrise Aspen, Parkland Pillar Birch, Pink Spires Crabapple, Purple Spire Crabapple, Pyramidal Mountain Ash, Red Rocket Maple, Regal Prince Oak, Rosthern Columnar Crabapple, Russian Mountain Ash, Scarlet Sentinel Apple, Skyrocket Juniper, Sutherland Caragana, Swedish Columnar Aspen, Taylor Juniper, Tower Poplar, True North Linden and Weeping White Spruce.