Flowering Trees

When we talk Flowering Trees in the landscape industry, we generally refer to those that create impact or seasonal colour to the landscape; these big bloomers are for show and provide a burst of early colour. Many of our spring flowering trees are planted for their fruit production with the bonus of a spring bloom. Some flowering trees display a beautiful kick-off to spring but will have smaller fruit generally suitable for jellies or preserves, or winter interest and food for birds.

Showy blooming trees typically range in colour from whites, creams, pinks to reds and some bicolour in those shades. There are several blooming shrubs that can pull in a wider colour range of flowers to your yard. Many flowering trees provide additional ornamental features such as contrasting leaf colour, fall colour, overall structure, bark colour and texture and winter interest.

Showy Bloomers: Apple, Crabapple, Ornamental Crabapple, Pear, Plum, Hawthorn, Japanese Tree Lilac, Mayday, Shubert Chokecherry

Edible Fruit Producers: Apples, Crabapple, Apricot, Cherry, Sour Cherry, Pear, Plum, Serviceberry/Saskatoon

Other Bloomers to Consider: Ohio Buckeye, Northern Catalpa, Caragana, Amur Maackia, Amur Cherry, Mountain Ash

Spring Blooms with No Fruit: Spring Snow Crabapple