Warranty Claims


Hello plant lovers! We know how excited you are to see your newly planted flora thrive in your garden or home. However, sometimes, plants that are not fully established may take a bit longer to come back with foliage or blooms. Don’t worry, this is completely normal! We just ask for a little patience before you see them at their best. That’s why we kindly remind you that plant material cannot be replaced before June 15th each year. If you have any concerns or questions about your plant’s progress, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Remember, our warranty periods vary depending on the product, so make sure to check the details below. 


Blue Grass Nursery Warranty Details

Warranty applies to plants purchased at regular price (no more than 10% off). Does not apply to the sale or discounted products or plants.

Plants damaged by animal, pest, mechanical, weather or other unforeseeable acts of nature are not eligible for warranty. Also, plants grown in raised gardens or containers are not eligible for a warranty.

Plants deemed by Blue Grass to be improperly planted, maintained or cared for will not be eligible for warranty. Dieback or branch damage that can be removed leaving a viable plant will not be eligible for warranty.

The following are not sold with any warranty or guarantee: flowering indoor or seasonal plants, air plants, bonsai, orchids, tea roses, bulbs, roots, cedars, dwarf Alberta Spruce and some other plants as noted on the invoice.

Warrantied plants are given a one-time replacement with no warranty. No refunds will be given.

Services like delivery and planting are not covered by warranty. All costs incurred in replacing plant material are at the sole cost of the purchaser.

Any warranty claims must be filed with Blue Grass before the warranty period ends. No plant material will be replaced prior to June 15th.

Sod: 1 year from date of purchase. Warranty void if the product is left standing for more than 24 hours.

Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens: 1 year from date of purchase (unless otherwise noted on the invoice).

Perennials & Vines: until September 30th of the year of purchase.

Annuals: No warranty (bedding plants, hanging baskets, planters, seasonal).

Tropicals (indoor plants): 30 days for pest and disease only. Does not cover improper care or death.

Seasonal Plants: No warranty (any recognized season or holiday).

Custom Orders: No warranty.