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Geranium Regal Elegance-Martha Washington | Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centres

Geranium Regal Elegance-Martha Washington

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The regal geranium (Pelargonium domesticum), also called the Martha Washington geranium, is traditionally used as a seasonal indoor flowering plant. The regal can also be planted outside. It also makes an attractive display in a container on a porch or patio. Considered a fancy leaf geranium, the regal has predominately green, but may also have variegated, green and white foliage. This native of South Africa can bloom for well over 30 years when showered with tender loving care. Place outdoor plants where they will get full morning sun and afternoon shade. Regals have the showiest blooms and velvety scented leaves. They prefer the cooler temperatures of spring and fall but if watered well during the hot months they will thrive. Awesome in beds, borders and containers.

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