A February Freeze

A February Freeze

As we continue to tease you with Tropical Temptations throughout these winter months, we are currently in a deep freeze throughout Alberta. These frigid temperatures make dreams of warmer climates even more vivid. All in all, we’ve had a fairly good winter so far weather-wise, so hunkering down for a little cozy time is not too bad.


Creating tropical staycation spaces or being tempted by lush tropical plants for your home may not be so practical when temperatures dip to the minus 30’s, but if the pull is strong and you venture to the greenhouse, enjoy all the sights and sounds our temperate plant space provides. Get inspired and wait for warmer days, or if you just can’t live without a new plant now, we will ensure your plant babies are well wrapped. A warm vehicle, an extra blanket, and going straight home with help your plants get to their next indoor location intact. Please, please no matter where you purchase tropical and indoor plants, avoid exposing foliage to temperatures below zero; bringing them from a warm greenhouse or sheltered store to freezing temperatures will damage your plants instantly!


Along with the cold temperatures of late we’ve had a fair amount of snow. Pile the snow next to your newly planted trees and shrubs and pile up on south and west plant borders so that when things start to melt in the next couple of months, you’ll have a little extra coverage and moisture during any weather ups and downs in the spring. If you’ve used ice melter on sidewalks or driveways make sure they are plant friendly before piling the snow on precious garden beds.


Take a stroll through your yard if you haven’t done so lately, bundle up and have a look at trees and shrubs for damage or disease that will be more visible without leaves. One to watch for is black knot in plum, cherry and chokecherry trees which will be visible as rough black lumps on tree branches; you’ll want to prune out all those lumpy plant knots as soon as possible (it can wait until it’s a little warmer). Tree shaping or cutting out broken and diseased branches can occur now, keeping in mind that if you prune spring blooming trees and shrubs you will be removing branches that will provide your spring garden colour and fruit.


Back indoors, this month you can start seeding your early vegetables, such as tomatoes, onions, and peppers. Check out our seed starting calendar, as well as some other seed starting tips on our website. We have some great Valentine’s gift ideas throughout the greenhouse and garden centre, don’t forget to spoil yourself or your sweetheart on February 14th. If you make it to the shop, be sure to enter to win our Valentine’s gift bundle.


Stay warm and Happy Valentine’s Day!