Trees with Winter Interest

Why bother with worrying about how a tree looks in winter? As we generally only have 4-6 months of the year to enjoy our landscapes and gardens in leaf or flower (depending on the season), why not choose trees that provide interest even in the off season. Tree shape, bark texture, bark colour, branch form and colour, and persistent berries or fruit are all factors that can keep you looking out your windows, all year long. Combine deciduous trees with evergreens for a diverse collection in your winter landscape.

Plants that provide us with winter beauty, can also provide winter interest to our local wildlife, some who may need them for their survival in the form of food or shelter.

Some trees to consider adding for winter interest and colour: Amur Cherry, Birch, Evergreens/Conifers, Golden Willow, Hawthorn, Ivory Silk Lilac, Japanese Tree Lilac, Linde, Ming Amur Cherry, Mountain Ash, Oak, Pin Cherry, Russian Olive, Scotch Pine Spruce, Sutherland Caragana, Trembling Aspen and Willow.