Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm

We have certainly seen our share of unpredictable weather so far this month. Although the moisture was a welcome sight as our gardens and crops started to grow in the Prairies, we are quickly reaching a saturation point that has us now praying for a little more sun and warmth. Along with the dampness, the cool weather is stalling the growth of some sun-loving crops, hail is wreaking havoc and windstorms blow through quickly causing their own version of mayhem.

In the garden things are lush and brilliantly green, lawns need mowing a couple of times a week, weeds are thriving, and all sorts of fungi are popping up everywhere. It is very important to keep a close eye out for pests and disease that will be occurring now as humidity increases with the occasional appearance of a sunny day. It’s also that time of year for another round of lawn fertilizer and it would also be good to make sure perennials, shrubs and trees are getting a good feed as well. Weekly fertilizing of containers and planters should continue, especially with the amount of rain we’ve had as nutrients can quickly be flushed away.

In areas where hail and wind have stomped through your plants and gardens, it is important to clean up debris and cut back any broken stems or branches, as it is the perfect opportunity for pests and disease to invade when plants are beat up. Try to keep as much foliage as you can, even with tears or damage until new leaves appear for photosynthesis. Mature perennials should have a strong enough root system in order to bounce back. Reduce further stress by keeping well-watered, add mulch if needed and fertilize. Tomatoes or other fruit that have been hit and bruised may need to be removed to prevent bacterial rot or apply a fungicide to prevent further spread.

The good news is that we still have plenty of time to keep growing and enjoying our gardens; we’ve worked hard and have weathered the storms. Pop by the Garden Centre and Greenhouse to discover seeds for the second round of quick-growing veggies, all sorts of annuals on sale, hanging baskets to provide another splash of instant colour and an awesome selection of perennials, shrubs and trees. Take another walk through our Garden Décor, Patio Furniture and Statuary collections as things are ever-changing throughout the season. We also have many great Sales going on this time of year, be sure to check out our Sales and Promotions tab on our website and see what’s growing on each week at each of our locations.

Keep Calm and Garden On.