Trees with Fall Colour

Fall in the Prairies is a signal that the season is winding down, however Mother Nature is just starting to pull out her best box of crayons this time of year! When choosing a tree for your yard, there are many factors to consider, including flowers, leaf colour, size, shape, and purpose.

As we slide into autumn, plants have one more show to put on as the days grow shorter and the temperatures drop; chlorophyll in the leaves (the green crayon) starts to break down, allowing for trees to show off their reds and golds. In our short growing season, choosing trees that provide a last-minute hurrah is one more way to enjoy the fruits of your labour of a good growing season and an important character when choosing the perfect tree for your landscape.

Blue Grass recommends the following trees for gorgeous fall colour: Amur Maple, Apricot Trees, Autumn Blaze Maple, Courageous Crabapple, Hot Wings Maple, Larch, Mountain Ash, Muckle Plum, Navigator Pear, Ohio Buckeye, Pear Trees, Pin Cherry, Princess Kay Plum, Sensation Maple, Serviceberry and Tuxedo Ash.