Three Ps of Spring

Three Ps of Spring

For prairie and foothills gardeners one of the toughest things as we head into April is practicing the art of Patience. March as usual brought about an early tease to spring, followed by wicked wind, snow and cold nights that plunged many people back to reality. This month we should continue to Plan and Prepare so that we are ready to go as soon as we can. Just as a reminder, our traditional start time to get out and safely start planting is middle to end of May, and while it is possible that we may have an early spring it is important to remember that doing spring garden tasks too early can cause more damage than it is worth.


Watch for signs from Mother Nature that things are truly warming up, leaf buds are breaking, garden insects are buzzing and crawling, lawns are dry, perennials are sending up new growth and the soil is dry and warm. Warm corners of your garden will show these signs quicker than the shady corners, so you will want some consistency throughout your garden. This is also the time of year where once again we become devout weather watchers because we all know we just need to wait five minutes for another weather system to blow through. Early plant purchases, or your home-grown seedlings may be ready to hang outside on the plus 10 degree or over days but be sure to watch the nighttime temperatures and bring them back in or cover them with protective blankets or frost cloths. We talk a lot about hardening off plants this time of year, and this basically means acclimatizing your plants to cooler (or warmer later in summer) and harsher outdoor conditions. Start with just a few hours of new exposure and gradually increase time in new location until it has adapted or toughened up to new conditions.


At the Garden Centre things are buzzing already, seeds, summer bulbs, spuds and lots of soil are filling carts almost as quickly as we fill them. We have started rolling in tomato starts, seed geraniums, pansies, early perennials, veggie packs and more in the Greenhouse to get you warmed up. Watch for much more plant stock as we gain speed towards garden season throughout the month. Sod, trees, and shrubs will start to arrive mid to end of April. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get the latest updates!


Also, this spring there are lots of opportunities to keep growing with Blue Grass! We are hiring for various positions, if you’ve been considering jumping into the horticulture industry this is a good time to start. If you are just wanting to learn more or need a little extra help making all your garden dreams come true, check out our upcoming webinars and design consultation opportunities.


We’re looking forward to seeing all of you this spring, we will have another season of protocols and limits this season, but we expect it to be a great one with all of you new and seasoned gardeners. Stay safe, be kind, have patience and we will continue to get through this together.


From our family to yours, Happy Easter!