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Tag: perennials

Basic Garden Designs

Getting Started with Perennials and Annuals

January 8, 2024

Blue Grass Garden Blog, July 2023 Continuing our series of what we can grow and what we should plant in Zone 3/4, we turn our attention to the colour and personality of the garden. Perennials and annuals are herbaceous plants that are the filler to the structure created by woody ornamentals. Perennials are plants that […] Read More
Garden Season

Expanding our Horizons

June 11, 2020

All you need is a garden…but getting there this year has been a bit of a bumpy ride this spring of 2020, due to weather and a pandemic. With the first official day of summer just over a week away, reflecting on the last two months to get here has been a crazy ride to […] Read More

As the Temperature Rises

September 11, 2019

With some summer sun finally in the forecast, it’s a good time to take another stroll through the garden and get started on some mid-summer garden maintenance. Flowerpots and containers will likely need a good deadheading or trimming if they are starting to look a little overgrown, leggy or have fewer flowers. Deadheading of certain […] Read More