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Vines-Mandevilla-Sun Parasol (6.5″) | Blue Grass Nursery, Sod & Garden Centres

Vines-Mandevilla-Sun Parasol (6.5″)

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Enjoy an abundance of blooms on a strong, vertically growing vine with shiny green foliage, blooms never fading in the hot sun like some Mandevilla. Blooming from spring to fall, it’s an ideal choice for trellises, hanging baskets and containers with climbing support. Place in the corner of the landscape or patio for a terrific focal point. This tropical evergreen also makes a fantastic house plant—brightening any room with its blooms. Sun Parasol is easy to grow and disease resistant. When enjoyed outdoors, it attracts butterflies and hummingbirds from miles around. Deer tend to avoid.

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