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Grasses-Isolepsis-Fibre Optic Grass-Live Wire

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Isolepsis Cernua is commonly referred to as Live Wire or Fiber-optic Grass. A member of the Sedge family, this ornamental is widely used in containers and in landscaping mixed with colorful bedding plants. The Live Wire is a bit more delicate than the Carex. Its foliage may start to yellow when temperatures dip to 7° C. The slender grassy tendrils grow in a thick clump and curl over to make a unique spray of color resembling a fountain. Delicate silvery flowers appear atop its tiny stems, making it appear as a tuft of tiny fiber-optic threads. They are fantastic in containers alone, edging a pathway, or with beautiful mounds of color or as a center, surrounded by color. Whatever your choice, this plant is fairly easy to please. Live Wire tolerates full sun to partial shade and prefers moist to wet soil. It could even be used waterside for interest since it likes to be kept moist.

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