Dress to Impress

Make a statement with our unique selection of pots and planters.

Are you feeling boho-inspired or looking to add a pop of colour? Our extensive inventory of pots and planters transforms the look of your thriving greenery into a master-planned design to suit any room.

Stop by for a rare find to add to your collection. Visit our Calgary or Red Deer location!

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Create A Portable Garden With Our Large Selection Of Pots And Planters

Blue Grass is your one-stop-shop for all your planting needs

Pots and planters allow you to have better air quality indoors, even with limited space.

You can help your plants thrive with controlled soil quality by pairing it with a perfect fit and superior drainage.

Add height, a pop of colour, or decor centrepiece to any room. You’ll also stimulate more productivity and feel happier.

Not sure which one is right for you? Visit us in store to benefit from over 50 years of experience growing better gardeners.

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Here's What Our Local Gardeners Are Saying

We bought some hanging baskets the second week of May. We are so impressed with how full and gorgeous our baskets look! Thank you for the gorgeous flowers!!

- Laura James

I love it here! You can get so many neat items for your garden, home and of course, there are lots of varieties of plants! They also have two 'garden cats.' I could spend hours here. 🙂

- Melanie Hogarth

Great variety of inventory, knowledgeable helpful staff, cool products, and healthy-looking plants. One of the best nurseries we've been to in several years. We found all the trees and shrubs on our list. We will definitely be going back (when our budget month rolls over😁)

- Jim Mallar

This is one of my favourite places to go to. Smells, glitter, metal, wood and so very much more to entice. Plants of every colour are next, anything you want or need is so artfully displayed. The outside is almost as amazing as the inside. I bought gifts rather are so unique! Guess you would never know I really really like Blue Grass. 👍

- Colleen Cramton

Flourish with Blue Grass

We’d love to help you find your next plant’s paradise.

Shop your style at our store!

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Blue Grass does not currently have any events scheduled at your store.

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