Premium Landscape Supplies from Local Experts

Stay on time and on budget with help available at every project stage.

You’ve heard that time is money. With only 168 days of prime weather conditions, ordering the wrong supplies or the wrong amount can be detrimental to your landscape project.

We’ve been helping contractors and homeowners from start to finish for over 50 years.

When you shop with us, you benefit from an in-house project expert that can help you figure out precisely what you need, when you need it, and tap into the smart strategies local experts use for their pristine landscapes.

Find your products and get instant access to one of our landscape specialists when you call or visit.

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Time is Money - and you can save on both.

Waiting in line-ups, tricky calculations, and lengthy product checklists are the old way of doing things.

Blue Grass facilitates the ultimate efficiency for professionals and homeowners.

Pinterest is great for inspiration. But how do you get from A-Z? Bring us your vision, and we’ll give you a list of what you’ll need to start your project.

Even the best mathematicians make mistakes. Need someone to double-check your work? We can help you calculate exactly what you’ll need for soil, sod, mulch, rock, and more.

No time left in your schedule? We get it. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us. We provide delivery within a few days of your order, so you don’t have to plan around another to-do.

Come Here Often? Contractors Save More When They Shop With Blue Grass For All Their Landscape Needs.

You work hard. You deserve a discount.We carry a fantastic selection online and in-store for all your landscape supply needs.

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Not sure what product is right for your project? Call us anytime.

How we made a difference...

I had a landscaping problem that needed serious professional help. Blue Grass to the rescue! What a fantastic job they did going above and beyond to bring beauty to the property. No job too big or too small for these guys, highly recommended.

- Kevin Wilson

I have never asked a question of the staff that they couldn't answer. Overall fantastic experience, that is why we keep going back.

- Ken Conley

Your landscape partners are here to help you make the most out of the season. Shop with us to benefit from over 50 years of knowledge for your next project.

Shop with us!

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