Deer Resistant Trees

Although plants are considered deer resistant, if deer are hungry they will graze on most plants.  If you are having problems with deer grazing on your plants Bobbex and PlantSkydd are two products that can help in preventing damage in your landscape.  If you have any questions about these products, please talk to our friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Blue Grass recommends trying Ash, Austrian Pine, Bristlecone Pine, Bur Oak, Caragana Hawthorn, Ivory Silk Lilac, Japanese Tree Lilac, Juniper, Larch, Linden, Lodgepole Pine, Mountain Ash, Mountain Pine, Ohio Buckeye, Paper Birch, Princess Kay Plum, Ponderosa Pine, Regal Prince Oak, River Birch, Russian Olive, Scotch Pine, Sensation Maple, Serviceberry, Signature Lilac, Snowdance Lilac Spruce and Young’s Weeping Birch.