Deer Resistant Trees

While seeing Bambi stroll through your garden may be exciting at first, after a while you may start to see the damage that deer are causing in your garden. If natural food resources are low, deer may see your garden as a virtual smorgasbord of goodies, and start snacking on your precious plants regardless if they’ve been deemed resistant or not. Trees often bear the brunt of a youthful nibble of fresh stems, while bark rubs and broken branches occur from a good back or head scratch.

Deer resistant plants are plants that may deter them from snacking on your garden. Choose plants that have a bitter or toxic taste, unappealing leaf texture, thorns, or strong scents to help send them elsewhere. Another solution to aid in the deterrence of the local deer family, are repellants such as Bobbex or PlantSkydd available in store. (Chat with our friendly, knowledgeable staff regarding best options for your pest, and always follow label directions.)

Deer resistant trees that Blue Grass recommends: Ash, Austrian Pine, Bristlecone Pine, Bur Oak, Caragana Hawthorn, Ivory Silk Lilac, Japanese Tree Lilac, Juniper, Larch, Linden, Lodgepole Pine, Mountain Ash, Mountain Pine, Ohio Buckeye, Paper Birch, Princess Kay Plum, Ponderosa Pine, Regal Prince Oak, River Birch, Russian Olive, Scotch Pine, Sensation Maple, Serviceberry, Signature Lilac, Snowdance Japanese Tree Lilac, Spruce and Young’s Weeping Birch.